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Woofy's Kennels and Snuggles cattery is a family run business. It aims to provide a caring, personal, reliable & professional service to all dog and cat owners.

Our goal is to give your pet a safe and happy boarding or day care experience so as to enable you to enjoy your time away from home, content in the knowledge that your pet is receiving the best care possible.

For the safety of all pets, Woofy's will only accept pets that have up-to-date vaccinations, which includes kennel cough for dogs.

Pet owners will be required to bring their vaccination certificate when leaving their pets in for their holidays

Kennel Cough + yearly Vaccinations

The Kennel Cough vaccination has to be completed 7 days before your dogs first day for boarding, there are no exceptions.

The Cough

Kennel cough can almost sound like a honking noise at times. It is a persistent dry hacking that sounds like your dog is going to vomit. It is common for your dog to cough many times in succession with the final cough looking and sounding like your dog is trying to hack something out. This is very uncomfortable for your pet, and can put a big strain on its body if its not treated right away. This is the most apparent kennel cough symptom.

The more time your dog spends around other dogs (at the park, vets, grooming shops, boarding kennels, dog parks, on the street, doggy daycare, pet shops, etc), the higher the risk of contracting kennel cough. Kennel Cough is an airbourne virus and unfortunately dogs who are vaccinated can still pick up Kennel Cough as the vaccination does not cover all strains of the virus.

Other Services & Location

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We are situated on the Maynooth/Celbridge to Clane road (Beside Geraldine Inn/Friels Pub) with 15 acres of land and spacious heated kennels to cater for all dog sizes. Part of the setup is Snuggles cattery and General Dogsbody Grooming Parlour. All kennels and cattery are adjacent to the dwelling house and so are under constant observation, we are in contact with pets at all times.

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Woofys Kennels is a member of the Irish Boarding Kennels and Cattery Association.